Many of you have seen on TV News the Huge F5 Tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma. My family lives in Moore, OK and we lost our house and are now searching with 12,000 other people for a place to live and its almost impossible. So we are living out of hotels with that cost for my family of 5, as my wife is very sick with Lupus, fibromyalgia & my wife 80 year old mother lives with us who is dealing with Alzheimer's and my two kids. Cost of 2 hotels rooms, fast food meals each day as we are not able to cook at home. So simply if you can help my family in a any way, we would be forever great full. Your helping my family, I be glad to convert that for you in any future on air readings you would like or any advertising you would like for your business or group as we are able to place display AD's and Banner Ad's on my radio page! You can email me at, just put in subject line "Assistance for Moore, Ok Tornado" Thank You for reading this & God Bless you for your support! 

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Journey Into Light (JIL) started back in April 2009, since then the show has grown more then I ever imagined. Since the start we have had over 425,000 listeners, over 1500 shows & guests! Over 18,000 people have received FREE readings!! Over 4,000 hours of Live Spiritual radio programing! 

I put all my heart and energy into my show, all because I want to help as many people as possible. I have a deep desire ever since my parents died when I was just 13 & 16 years old, I have always wanted to know more about the after life. I love what the healing shows do. When dealing with the loss of a loved ones, it can be very hard and take some time, I know that when I lost my parents, I thought the sun would never shine again! 

My show now is on Sunday thru Thursday, starting at 9pm ET for 3 hours every night! We have different guest on every night!  It's like having a spiritual class every night, as my guests don't just do readings, we go over many topics and so much teaching, love and healing happens every night! 

So you are very welcome to come every night and join us, like a class but better than that if you come in the JIL family chat room, it is like a family, so many say that in the chat room! 

I work very hard, everyday I put in at least 10 hours of work, to put on excellent guests and make the show a place you can come to and relax with peace, love and light! As I say on my show, we ALL need a place, a time, each day, to get away from our daily life, a place of peace and love and light. That is why I work at making my show and chat room, that peace of heaven on earth! A place that is Drama FREE! 

We have unlimited phone lines so when you call in you NEVER get a busy signal. You also never get audio ads or pop up ads on your PC during the show! We are able to bring you these features and long shows daily because of the pro account we have at BTR but that comes at an expense to me that I am billed each month of $250 a month! We have other expenses and this is my full time job that I love but I have to make sure I am able to provided for my family, as we all do with our full time jobs that we put our full energy and time into. None of us can work for free and prayers are awesome but it does not pay for the bills. 

As a spiritual radio host, as Michelle Whitedove best described it, I provide a platform to bring on Spiritual workers across the world to help us, the listeners, with teachings, healings and free readings every night helping those who can't afford a private reading.  

So many people ask me if they could do something like I am that helps so many people. But by contributing to the show below, you see you are helping people every night because your support keeps the show on the air. Without your support, I would have to use my time doing something else and Journey Into the Light would end and no longer be on. 

Finally, if you wonder if your support really makes a difference, then read below:

I received a email several months ago. A lady recently lost her boyfriend, where they were going to get married in several months and were looking forward to sharing their life together forever. But one evening she got a call that her soon to be husband, was killed in a car accident. She went into a deep depression and was planning on taking a bottle of pills and ending it all. But for some reason she ran into Journey Into Light and as she said "it changed my life", she listened to show after show, she even caught up on the archives during her lunch time and show after show, she no longer wanted to end her life and now she is positive about life! 

That letter shows me the show helps people everyday! I will work as many hours as needed to bring this helps to so many people. But I can't keep doing the show if I can't support my family and that is where I need your help! 

Thank You for your support and I love the JIL family very much! 



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