Melody Hickman Willams Adams 

I just wanted to tell you a friend on fb posted your radio show on fb and a long time ago i had heard your show online and i loved it, it was very healing to me. I lost a grandson to a genetic MD disease almost 3 yrs. ago...I don't and never really morn him our family including my son his father and wife celebrate his life on his b-day and on his passing. Tues. my mom passed and i did my crying, I was able to tell her goodbye and i would see her again before she left this earth. I know she is with my grandson and her parents and family members. It is healing to know that for me. She told me not long ago she would send me and my girls butterflies to let us know its ok. the morning after her passing the first thing i read on FB was a butterfly poem, then today I went shopping for an outfit to wear at the services and there was butterflies everywhere on clothing or jewelry me and my 3 daughter are going to wear butterfly necklaces in her honor and also she loved hummingbird and me and my daughter i was bought matching a hummingbird ring in memory of her. It made us feel comfort.


Dear Mike,
You are Great and are doing so much for the metaphysical world.  I've had three people well connected in mediumship circles tell me I should be listening to you.  I hope that the economic status for me will soon enable me to make a contribution as I have enjoyed dialing in and listening.  What a great system.

Dear Mike,

Just wanted you to know how great your show is, maybe I'll call in sometime. I listen at night during my shift at the Post Office.  I noticed on FB that you live in Norman, Ok.  I spend several weeks in Norman training each year, lots of O.U. fans.  Keep up the great work, and Ms. Whitedove is my favorite.

Greetings and Give thanks for your program~ I did not get the chance to hear the show Live However I am listening now in this very moment and I fully inner stand and in agreement with you~
The Cycle is Giving is Receiving and Receiving is also Giving~ The Energy Exchange is a Balance~ A Universal Law

I  Am so happy that you are here with your Guest ~And I will give  once again sooner then later and I plan to advertise as well.
Keep up the GREAT Works Mike~



You have no idea what a blessing your show has been to me! It has lifted me up the last couple of days in a really hard time! Just wanted you to know and not interrupt you during the show :) Hugs to you and Holly!

Amy Bradford


"I love being a regular guest on Mike Long’s show!  He is a man of integrity and principals and his show is a reflection of a true Light Worker’s mission!  Keep up the good work!"

Michelle Whitedove America’s #1 Psychic



Thank you for your wonderful show and opening up these subject to the general public. 


I want to also let you know what the JIL show means to me because you asked.
I remember way back, when I was just a guest in chat wau before I waever known as MischiefMakerStudios, I was way too nervous to speak or chat with anybody in the chatroom.
I started listening to the show, realizing these were real people with questions on their mind just like me. Then I got my new name MischiefMakerStudios which everybody knows me by today.
I got calm enough so I could talk with others in your chatroom.
Soon I became friends with several people
like Satori, Tom 1960, Holly, Lizzy Star, Medium Michele, Mavrick, MissPatty, D, NutMeg Mix,Nat, Jud & so many other people worth mentioning, but just too many to list alltogether.
Back then I remember wanting to be able to call in, because I had so many questions to ask, but I had no miicrophone(that was awhile ago) at the time! So one birthday my Big Sister got me one & hooked me up with sykpe!
Since then your show really has become a support group for me, on the way, I have learned gotten some amazing answers to the missing blanks of my childhood!
I want to say, you & your show has really helped me more then words can say, only it's not over yet because my mind is always filled with questions & I have a feeling you are gonna take me on for a wild ride(& vice verse)in learning about my past!
I hope BTR never looses the JIL show because I & several others would be lost without it!
Sincerely yours,

MischiefMakerStudios from the chatroom!


 Hi Michael. I have been thinking a lot about the things you were saying regarding funding for the show. I have been going through a very tough time for many years, and finally broke down and asked spirit a couple of weeks ago for guidance. I said that I didn't mind doing the work, but that I just needed to be pointed in the right direction. I felt like I was meant to listen to your show again & also felt like I HEARD 3 things being said or pop into my head! It was an amazing feeling for me! The three phrases I heard/felt were 1) acts of random kindness 2) butterfly effect and 3) the Gandhi quote "be the change you wish to see in the world." I WANT to help your show & wish that I could do more. I am on a very fixed income due to not being able to work/disability. I can and will contribute $50 monthly though. I see it as a butterfly effect and hope to see the ripples. Your show puts me in a positive state of mind, making me want to do something nice like donate a couple of readings. Perhaps those that receive the donated readings will be put into a positive state of mind & do something kind for someone else and so on and so on. Like the song says, Heal The World. Lots of people doing nice things for one another can't be a bad thing, right?

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