I have hosted now 6 years of a spiritual nightly radio show with over thousands of shows and over half million listeners. The show as helped people in there lives through the radio by either listening to the show or calling in and all of this has been great seeing people being lifted from the bottom part of there lives. But I have been told my spirit/God that its time to add a new project by helping the homeless souls on the streets. I have been instructed to start the program here where I live in Oklahoma City and then once that is up and working, then start it with someone else to add there city and then one by one we will have Journey into the Light uplifting homeless all across the country. All great groups that helps people like Food the Children, Red Cross, United Way, all started at one point with a starting point and all of these great projects have all worked beautifully in helping millions of souls by the support of giving people. 

I remember a couple of months I had stopped to get gas in downtown Oklahoma City after bringing my wife home from hospital visit, there was a guy at the pump sitting who start a conversation with by saying simply "I am hungry" I responded by giving him some money he put it in is pocked and within a few more minutes he again said "I'm hungry" I then tried to remind him I just gave him money but I then saw his mental condition made where he could not connect the money into buying food. So I ended going into the store and simply bringing him beef jerky after asking him what you would like. He had the biggest smile on his face when he say the 2 bags of jerky and gave me the biggest hug. So simply $3 made this guy so happy and that somebody would stop and talk to him. 

I know many people would like to help the homeless people but are not able to do so themselves directly for a variety of reasons. But with this project you are still helping so greatly by simply giving a donation. Then I and my volunteers will be eager to get your donation to souls in the streets. Remember we are now coming into fall and winter and the cold air is coming in, the homeless people have never been so in need. 

My friends its time for all of us to come together and make this beautiful mission happen and it will happen with your help/donation. So please give what you can with the Paypal button below. (Please contact us if you want to give in another way then Paypal at our email  mikes5565@aol.com )

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